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Choosing where you buy your meat, dairy, and eggs is very important not only in your health, but also in regenerating a healthy ecosystem. The following is a list of sources that I recommend as suppliers of these products. The list will grow as I learn about other sources. 

1. Eichorn Family Farm, which is run by my brother Dwight. He is usually at the Kalamazoo Farmer's Market selling different animal products but his focus is on pastured lamb and eggs. Several years ago Encore Magazine did of feature of the farm here.  

2. Local (Southwest Michigan) producers of grass fed beef include:

3. MOO-nique Dairy provides quality raw milk in addition to a variety of other products. 

4. Forest Ridge Farms is where my family and I source our pork. My impression is that the Grass Fed Meat market listed above also has quality pork. 

5. Seven Sons is a farm in Indiana that uses regenerative farming practices to grow grass fed beef, pastured pork, and eggs.  They have a home delivery service available to a small part of Southwest Michigan. 

6. Other producers can be found through the Grass Feather or eat Wild sites. 

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