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Chicken Shish Kebab

The following links may be of interest to you. The videos are ones that for one reason or another I find interesting. The websites are links to organizations that are not necessarily meant to be the final answer to your questions, but rather to promote thinking about what you can do to live a healthier lifestyle. The links listed on this website are sometimes outside of the traditional medical education resources. Financial disclosure: my wife and I have chosen to use Young Living products in our household and we are distributors for that company. I also receive a small percentage of the sales of things you buy from Amazon through links on this site. Other than the one I have listed, I do not benefit financially from any of the other resources listed here. 

Websites of organizations and people or the books they have written that significantly impacted my thoughts on a healthy lifestyle:

The Big Fat Surprise is a must read. It's the best research driven book regarding dietary fats I have ever encountered.

The Nutrition Coalition for evidence based nutrition policy. If you have any interest at all on how nutrition policy affects your health you need to check out this site. 

Gary Taubes has written several books including The Case Against Sugar, Why We Get Fat and Good Calories, Bad Calories.

Dietdoctor has an amazing assortment of information and some of the best low carb and ketogenic recipes I have found. 

Learning from ancient wisdom at the Weston A Price Foundation

Low Carb Down Under has a wealth of information about diets with respect to reversing and preventing disease. 

The Bionutrient Food Association is an organization with excellent information about nutrient density in food. They're working on developing an app to efficiently evaluate the nutrient content of foods. I believe this will have a tremendous impact on our ability to choose nutrient dense foods which not only are healthier but also taste better.

The Health Edge is a podcast maintained by a physician and a nutritionist devoted to translating the science of self care.  

Young Living;  Essential Oils and other health products. 

Dr Joseph Mercola at

Other interesting content:

Steve Kirsch asking lots of provoking questions and providing lots of data regarding COVID.

Thank God for Bitcoin by Jimmy Song 

Dr Sarah Hallberg is an Obesity Medicine specialist and gave this engaging 

presentation at a TEDx event. I dare you to listen to her. You may be convinced to give up sugar for good!

If you're interested in learning how meat can be raised is a sustainable fashion then you need to watch this talk.

Revolutionary thoughts on nutrient dense food production. Dan Kittredge is the founder and executive director of the Bionutrient Food Association which is the organization that is working on creating an app which will enable consumers to test the nutrient content of food. 

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